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They might be answered in our FAQ.
We tried to cover just about everything you need to know.


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I’ve found the shirt I want but can’t select my size


Answer: It might not be in stock or made in your size at the moment. Please let us know which size and product you would like.


Has my order been sent yet ?


Answer: We will make sure it has be fulfilled and give you tracking information at your request. 


Part of my order is missing


Answer: We will collaborate with our order fulfillment department to see where your product was shipped. We will send replacement out ASAP after determining any error made with order.


Which methods of payments can I use?


Answer: Currently you can use your credit card through the website. We are working on ways to incorporate more purchasing options. Please let us know which ways of purchasing would be best for you. 


Can you give me more information about a certain product?

Answer: We would love to. Please send us an email with any questions you have.


Can I track my order ?


Answer: Yes, please send us a request for your tracking information. 


You’ve sent me the wrong items


Answer: Our apologies. If you like the items shipped to you, please keep them and we will send the correct items.  If you do not want the items, we will send a shipping label to return back to us. 


I forgot to use my discount code


Answer: Please send us your name and discount code and we will apply store credit. 

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